Commercial Landscaping 

Creating Clean Spaces for Commercial Properties

Creating clean spaces is more than just property cleanups. It is a wholistic approach to cleaning, maintenance, groundskeeping and making steps towards lower environmental impact. Our founders managed multifamily commercial property for years, learning what it takes to make a property inviting, attractive, and well-cared for. Landscaping was always an area that often got neglected by large national vendors, who were more focussed on contracts and ratios, rather than true property upkeep. This led to Smartscapes being born, as a way to provide landscaping care that is cost-effective, consistent, and clean for everyone.

Environmentally-Focussed Commercial Landscaping Services

Smartscapes is the #1 local leader in landscaping services that is all-electric, renewable powered by the sun. Through these investments, along with advanced route and process optimization, our landscaping services deliver clean, noticeable results, with the lowest impact to the environment. Low carbon emissions. No oil and gasoline spills. No exhaust. And up to 60% quieter than other landscape services. Our entire organization is built around finding ways to improve both Reno’s local environment, our global, all while lowering costs to our clients. Our lower maintenance costs, local focus with little overhead, along with streamlined processes, allow us to deliver cost-effective, clean landscaping services to commercial clients.

Smartscapes serves commercial properties and clients of many types.

Here are the sectors we serve:

If you are a property manager, owner, or facilities and maintenance manager of a large property, you need a partner who can give you peace-of-mind by caring for your grounds, and delivering landscaping services in a consistent, professional and environmentally-focussed way.

Rental Homes
Vacation Homes
Property Managers
Industrial Properties
Retail and Office
Vacant Land

Commercial Landscape Services

Smartscapes offers many types commercial landscape services to make your property looking professional, clean, and well-kept. Here are the main landscape services we offer to our commercial property clients:

Full-service lawncare
Horticulture suggestions and consulting
Irrigation turn-on and winterization
Leaf blowing, dust blowing
Outdoor furniture cleaning and sanitizing
Bush trimming
Planters, remulching and annuals
Flower tending, vineyards
Seasonal property cleanups
And More

Helping Owners and Managers Save Money on Maintenance

Smartscapes uses environmentally-focussed methods to be efficent and low-impact, which leads to cost-savings that we pass along to our clients. Our low-maintenance machinery, locally-focussed services, and low-overhead allow us to deliver landscape maintenance services at a value to commercial property owners and manager.

How Smartscapes is Different than other Commercial Landscaping Vendors

Unlinke large national firms, we have no regional offices, national headquarters or expensive sales staff to support. Smartscapes is local to the Reno Lake Tahoe region, flat, low-overhead and efficient. And our low-maintenance machinery, that utilizes 100% renewable energy from solar power, means we can pass along maintenance savings, along with low-impact environmentally focussed groundskeeping service to all of our clients.

Top Benefits of Smartscapes Landscaping Services for Commercial Properties

When choosing a commercial landscaping maintenance service vendor, you can benefit from Smartscapes:

Peace-of-mind full-service landscaping care
All-electric machinery, powered from our renewable solar farm on site
Eco-friendly, environmentally-focussed, low-emission, low-pollution
Up to 60% quieter, meaning your tenants will enjoy less disruptive landscaping service
No long-term contracts
Local Northern Nevada - You get a team of professionals that know our climate, plant-biology and methods that work best for our region
Landscape maintenance cost savings through our low-overhead, low-maintenance locally-based operations