Home Landscaping Services in Reno

Have peace-of-mind while enjoying outdoor living in your home. Caring for your yard in our high-desert environment needs care and focus. Smartscapes gives quieter, cleaner landscaping services, with less odors, spills, and messes. Our low-overhead, simple and low maintenance model allows us to pass on those savings to you, our clients. Creating a cleaner more enjoyable outdoor living experience you will enjoy with your guests and family.

Serving Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe

Our service area includes most areas throughout Northwest Reno, Caughlin Ranch, Southwest Suburban Reno, Damonte Ranch, South Meadows and Double Diamond Ranch, Sparks, Spanish Springs, Midtown, UNR area and much of the North Valleys. Learn more about our service areas here. We also have a partner service in the Lake Tahoe basin.

We enjoy making the Truckee Meadows a greener place using smarter landscape maintenance solutions.

Eco-friendly Yard Care

Smartscapes is the first and #1 landscape service that uses all-electric machinery that is powered by 100% renewable energy from our on-site solar power farm. Our environmentally-focussed methods and equipment, including mulching and organic options, give homeowners a fresh alternative to traditional polluting, loud and high-maintenance landscaping services. In addition, our services are up to 60% quieter, giving you peace and less disturbance. Learn about the Smartscapes Environmentally-Focussed Difference. Each visit is your way of making one step closer to a carbon-neutral, lower-pollution world a reality, while enjoying savings from our low-overhead operations.

Landscaping Services

Smartscapes offers several landscaping services for homeowners. These essentials can keep your yard clean, sharp and beautiful, while enhancing our local environment. Whether you have grass to mow, or trees to prune, we can help you with many basic yard care needs:

Lawn Care

From simple lawn mowing, to full-service lawn care with fertilizing and dethatching and inspection, our lawn care services give you a turf to enjoy with your family. It is more than just mowing your grass. It is caring for your lawn, so you make your house a home. Learn more about our Reno Lawn Care services here

Tree Care and Plant Trimming

Whether it is helping solve simple tree issues, removing dead branches, or small tree removals, our tree care can be done on site, as an added service with other visits. In addition, we offer bush and hedge trimming, leaf blowing, flower deadheading and ornamental grass trimming and care. Our partners can help you with large tree care and trimming as well. Learn more about Reno tree care here.

Yard Cleanouts

From spring cleaning, weeding, full weed control, and minor junk hauling and removal, our residential yard cleaning service has several tiers, to make it easy to plan and decide. If your yard needs a good cleaning, we can get it done in a day or less. Explore more about yard cleaning services here.

Irrigation Turn Ons and Winterization

Simple spring turn-ons, with sprinkler testing and drip irrigation checks are essential for thriving plants in our arid environment. In addition, proper winterization and shutoff is important to prevent freezing during the cold winter months. Our irrigation turn-ons and winterization services can take the burden off of you and allow you to enjoy your yard. And if you need major repairs or improvements to your irrigation system, our partner service can help take care of it all. Find out about our Irrigation turn-on services.

Cleaner Quieter Landscaping Service

Enjoy a cleaner yard and more beautiful outdoor living experience. Reno’s eco-choice for landscaping service and yard care service. Our visits are quieter, less-disruptive, and gives you peace of mind. Smartscapes can help you achieve a better outdoor living lifestyle this season.