Commercial Landscape Services  

Serving Commercial Properties Throughout Reno and Northern Nevada

When looking for landscape services for your commercial property, consider the local eco-choice that brings all of your groundskeeping services under one roof. Our founders are local to the area, and know Northern Nevada’s unique high-desert climate. With over 30 years of combined experience, our founding team has been providing localized landscape services for commercial properties like multifamily apartment complexes, factories and disstributions centers, retail, rental homes, and vacation property portfolios.

Sprinkler testing and optimization

Every season, a sprinkler system needs to be turned on. This is especially true in a dry arid location like the Reno-area. Sometimes, from our typical freeze-thaw climate, it can lead to sprinklers that need to be adjusted or even replaced. Testing and optimizing your sprinklers every season, for the best coverage, will help to ensure a healthy lawn. We are all about water and energy savings, so using the right sprinkler speed, pressure and coverage is essential. It helps to avoid dry spots, as well as low flooded grass area. Each sprinkler head has unique settings and features that can help achieve this. Our irrigation turn-on service includes testing and adjusting, to help your property keep lower water costs, reduce overspray, and spread out coverage.

Environmentally-Focussed Landscape Services for Commercial Properties

Smartscapes early investments in learning and developing techniques using all-electric machinery have allowed us to be the area’s first leader in low-carbon, environmentally-focussed landscape maintenance services. Our company is powered by 100% renewable solar power, including the machinery that will be making your property clean and well-kept. Smartscapes has also make early investments in smart landscape maintenance techniques that match our region’s unique climate. Cost-effective, efficient, and tailored for our area.

Benefits of Smart Landscape Services

Our landscape services benefits commercial property owners and managers with: Zero emissions and exhaust No fuel spills and oil messes Save up to 20% on your landscape maintenance costs with our lower overhead local focus Up to 60% quieter - Making your tenants happy Consulting, advice and horticulture smart for our region - less repairs, lower water bills No long-term contracts Ask about our special muching and repurposing program Smart and efficient route and planning operations means you save, and have consistent service your property needs

Our Top Services

Lawncare and Turf
Pruning and Tree Trimming
Parking Lots
Leaf Blowing and Dust Blowing
Planter Bed Care
Outdoor Furniture
Water feature cleaning
Irrigation turn-on and winterization and optimization
Gardening and Horticulture

Smartscapes for Difference Landscape Services

We are different that large national landscape service companies. With a focus on our local region, maintaining a simple low-overhead operation, and having low-maintenance all-electric powered landscaping tools, we can offer cost-effective, enfironmentally-focussed landscape service that reduces pollution, costs and creates a clean space for your property.