Gardening and Horticulture

Reno Gardening Care

Do you have a garden that needs care? Whether it is your own flower garden, gardening beds with delicate plants, or even a vegetable garden, sometimes you need a gardener to help tend the garden and keep it well-kept. Gardening is more specific than general landscaping. A horticulturist who understands plant species, as well as our unique climate here in Northern Nevada, will go a long way towards having a well-maintained garden space.

Horticulture for Your Garden

Knowing and understanding plant species, both native and introduced, along with the intricacies of fine gardening, can help bring peace-of-mind and support. Gardening often requires hand-pulling of weeds (rather than mass “weed wacking”. It also requires the gardener to know what is a weed and what is not. In addition, flower tending, such as deadheading of roses and other perennials, annual plantings like petunias and pansies, along with drip irrigation care, are all just some of the tasks of gardening. In addition, if you have a vegetable garden, having a routine gardener to help support your efforts can give you a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. They know some of the ways to encourage more vegetable and fruit production, along with reporting any issues like pests. This will help to keep a garden in clean, full-producing shape.

Looking for a Gardener in Reno?

Start with Smartscapes. We are Northern Nevada’s environmentally-focussed, renewable powered landscaping provider. We use smarter methods for our local environment that help homeowners and businesses have smart landscapes, clean and well-kept. Whether your garden is for show for your customers and patrons at a retail establishment, or you have a garden that needs tending, consider looking for a gardener in Reno. We can help match you with one of our horticulturists as a semi-routine gardener on a schedule that matches your budget.