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The Reno Area’s Environmentally Focused Landscaping Service Company

With many choices in landscaping services, commercial properties, and property owners can be confused. Choose a service that is focused on delivering cost-effective, environmentally-focused landscaping services for property owners and managers. Choose a landscaping company that knows our unique high-desert mountain climate, and can anticipate the best methods for having a clean space.

Helping Clients Achieve Lower Environmental Impact

Our tools and machinery are up to 100% cleaner, with zero exhaust, fumes, emissions, and oil spills. And up to 60% quieter, . . . meaning happier tenants and clients. Plus, the energy that powers our equipment comes from the sun! In addition, over 50 years of combined experience in landscaping in Northern Nevada’s unique high-desert environment means that we can efficiently and effectively deliver service for our clients in a more localized approach than national firms.

Everything we do, from optimized driving routes to reduce vehicle use to our proprietary mulching program, to local understanding of water-saving and energy-saving maintenance techniques, are all designed to lower environmental impact.

Smartscapes is the region’s #1 low-impact commercial landscaping service. While many of the other services try to show off with how beefy their truck is, or how big their machine is, we simply move forward in doing what we know is right. Investing in sustainable technology that creates clean spaces for Northern Nevada’s commercial properties. Whether you are a rental property owner, multifamily apartment management company, retail shopping center, industrial distribution center, undeveloped land or public space, we seek to make a cleaner facility, cleaner grounds, through cleaner methods and technology. And this allows us to pass along our long-term savings to our clients.

Low-Impact LANDSCAPE Maintenance Service

Landscape Maintenance for decades has been a service with a large environmental impact. From big trucks to heavy dirty machinery, and plenty of organic waste. Recent advances in landscaping tools have created the opportunity to have carbon-neutral, low-impact landscape service. This, combined with our renewable-powered operation from solar panels, has allowed us to deliver low-carbon footprint, low-impact landscaping services for many clients in the Reno Lake Tahoe region.

Cost-Effective LANDSCAPING Service

Because of our early investment and expertise in all-electric, professional-grade machinery, we are able to obtain significantly lower machine maintenance costs over the long run. In addition, our flat, simple, and local operation, with no regional and national offices, eliminates much of our overhead. Finally, we are local to the area, and truly understand the special climate of Northern Nevada. Our unique maintenance methods, and in-depth understanding, allow us to provide landscaping service without surprises and over-charging. We are able to deliver a lower cost to our clients than many other national landscape service companies.

Landscape Maintenance that Reduces

Landscape maintenance can have a large impact on the environment. From fuel to driving, parts, gasoline, chemicals, lubricants, noise, disturbance, large volumes of dumped waste and constantly breaking machines, maintaining grounds in today’s commercial properties often leads to high indirect impacts on the environment. What if many of these issues could be reduced, or even eliminated? This is the Smartscapes method. Always looking for ways to reduce pollution, repurpose waste, and optimize service methods.

Lower Water Bills

Landscaping and Maintenance that Saves Money and Improves Environments Smart landscaping starts with investing in long-term technology. It then needs methods like smarter ways to use on-site resources. For example, repurposing of existing mulching. Routine inspection for water leaks. These all can lead to large money savings over time.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Smartscapes is the local leader in all-electric landscaping services, powered by clean renewable energy from the sun. This gives us lower maintenance costs that allow us to serve our clients more cost-effective landscape services. In addition, we plan our operations to be lean, efficient, and low-overhead, so we can deliver savings to our clients.

Smart Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Smart maintenance techniques begin with a vision and passion. Smartscapes is passionate about transforming the grounds-keeping and property services industry by setting an example. Long-term planning. Clean, all-electric machinery. Optimized service methods and routes. Our philosophy is our driving force. We seek to improve both our local environment and our global effects through many transformative shifts in how we do business. We understand that not every client will agree. But the ones that do, we join forces with, to create a more sustainable, profitable, and transforming service. This is what makes smart landscape maintenance.

What is the best way to find landscaping companies near me, you may ask? Start with finding out if they are locally run. This flatter approach actually leads to cost savings for clients. Less overhead, fewer levels and regional offices. Simply landscaping services for their local region. Second, are they committed to finding the lowest-impact method for landscaping? Can they give you advice on issues local to our region, like weed control, best plants, and optimal water use? Our landscaping company should serve as a consultant. And seek to care for your property as their own.

Creating Clean Spaces

Whether it is litter cleanup, leaf and dust blowing, weed control, lawn mowing and turf care, tree trimming, irrigation turn-ons and more, we seek to create clean spaces through dedicated, focused landscaping services for primarily commercial clients, (and occasionally residential homeowners). Smartscapes Landscaping not only cleans and maintains, but also helps clients achieve environmental goals. This leads to a cleaner global space while reducing costs.

A Unique Approach to Commercial Landscape Service

Our methods and tools were typically only seen in the consumer residential market. To this day, many traditional landscaping companies are unsure and hesitant to use smart landscape maintenance technology. But we have found a way that not only works but works better for our clients. Quieter, cleaner, and lower cost. And It leaves their commercial property and tenants happier.