Rental Homes 

Do you own or manage a rental home investment property? Whether you are a property investor with one home or dozens of properties, we know the challenges many owners and managers face with rental homes.For starters, finding good, long-term tenants that pay and care for the property is difficult. Yet having the right landscape maintenance provider is important for this. For starters, tenants often say they will “take care” of the place, but often it never happens. Lawns start to brown, weeds grow, neighbors complain and property value goes down. Not to mention, if your rental home is in an HOA, the worry that you will receive citations for poorly maintained yards can multiply the worries.

Our Story with Rental Homes

Smartscapes founders know these challenges. They have owned and managed rental properties of their own before. We have found that having well-maintained front and backyards are key to keeping long-term tenants. Offering yardservice included in your rents, or at least requiring tenants to pay for a professional service like ours, is important to keeping the yard maintained, clean and making a space that is satisfying for tenants and neighbors and the long-term value of the property.

In addition, Smartscapes has discovered smart ways adjust landscaping to be low-maintenance, low-water, and yet looking good. For example, we have assisted owners in removing certain plants that are both ugly and cause costly maintenance issues (such as purple sage, which grows suckers everywhere, lifting up patio pavers, and attracting too many bees). Also, creating designated spaces in the yard, trimming certain niucsants tree branches, and more, can all lower liability, and reduce maintenance costs.

Simplifying Rental Home Management

Simplifying Rental Home Management When looking for a landscaping service for rental homes or yardcare service for multiple investment properties, look for a service that can handle multiple demands, keep track of your yard’s seasonal service needs, and deliver it at a value. We take away the worry, stress and headaches of yard maintenance, and we can report any upcoming issues that may need to be addressed in the future.

Best of all, Smartscapes is the #1 all-electric machinery landscaping solution in Reno and Northern Nevada. We are quieter, have less pollution, and have less odors. This makes tenants happy, and feel less disturbed. You can even offer it as an added benefit for prospective residents. Make the Smartscapes difference. Enjoy Smart landscape care for your rental property, and have happy tenants and less stress.