Short-term Vacation Rentals

Do you own a short-term vacation rental property? Also called STR, this investment has become one of the most popular investments for property investors

Handling Short-term Vacation Homes

Do you own a short-term vacation rental property? Also called STR, this investment has become one of the most popular investments for property investors. They can be a lucrative venture with the potential for higher returns than standard rental homes. Whether you list your property through Airbnb, VRBO, Furnished Finder, or another platform, you know the importance of guest experience and excellent reviews.

However, vacation home investments can also be more work and labor. Not only do you have to find a cleaning and turnover solution, but there are also issues with restocking supplies, responding to reviews, correcting issues, and on top of all of that, landscaping.

Landscaping for Short-term Vacation Homes

Landscaping and outdoor living with vacation homes often get ignored because of the challenges of simply getting the unit cleaned and improved with each new guest. And many cleaning services are simply not equipped or prepared enough to take on outdoor living cleaning.

At Smartscapes Landscaping, some of our founders own and operate their own vacation rental investment properties. One consistent challenge we experienced was keeping all of the elements of the properties in top shape, to continue to earn and keep high ratings and reviews. One time, a small public remark about spider webs being found in the porch coffee table was enough to lose a superhost rating on one of the units.

In addition, we noticed that fellow STR owners would remove lawns, to eliminate regular outdoor maintenance, but then forget that the other elements of landscaping still need occasional maintenance. For example, our windy climate in Reno can often blow dead weeds and trash from neighbors into corners of the yard. These small unsightly occurrences can be reflected in guest reviews.

Tailored Vacation Property Care

Why not routine outdoor maintenance take this burden from your back? Many of our clients own portfolios of several vacation properties throughout the Reno Lake Tahoe area. We can craft a customized outdoor maintenance cleaning plan that can match your budget, and help deliver superb stay experiences with your guests.

Services for short-term vacation homes:

Short-term vacation homes can use many options and services offers to Smartscapes Landscaping vacation home clients:

Services for Short-term Vacation Rentals:

Short-term vacation rentals can use many options and services for their landscaping. Here are just some of the services offers to their vacation home clients:

Comprehensive Vacation Home Maintenance Solutions

In addition, we work together with other licensed vendors if you need other services we can refer you or make recommendations if they are needed. Whether it is window cleaning (essential for high-end STRs, and recommended for all in the spring or early summer), pest control, snow removal and de-icing, landscape improvements, and repairs. We can keep an eye on your outdoors and you’ll have the assurance that your vacation home is in good hands. Instead of reacting to problems discovered by guests, why not have a service that can routinely care for your landscaping and catch issues before they arise?

Trusted Vacation Landscapers

Our team members have managed landscaping maintenance for vacation homes for many years. Entrust your home to professionals who can give you peace of mind, and lead to higher satisfaction, reviews, and returns. Best of all, all our landscape maintenance services are Northern Nevada’s #1 all-electric renewable-powered machinery provider. That means quieter cleanings, no exhaust, low odors, and less disruption. We can quietly come in and out, with fewer distractions to your guests. Discover the Smartscapes difference.