Vacant Land

With the rapid growth and development in the Reno-Sparks area and all throughout Northern Nevada, there has been an increasing need by landowners to maintain their vacant land until it is ready for development. Whether you have hired a master manager, like Environmental Protection Services, or self-manage your vacant land, you know the needs and responsibilities to keep your land in-tact, well-kept and maintained for the future.

Maintaining Land For Sale

Our owners have worked with commercial property managers for parcels that are listed for sale or rezoning and assemblage. For example, near downtown Reno, a property owner, for a possible redevelopment, needed weed control, and defensible space cleared around utility structures. A routine maintenance plan was developed for a bi-monthly service, that allowed the property to be kept clean, litter-free, and safe for future development. Whether you own a ¼ acre lot in Midtown, or a large 20-acre industrial parcel in the North Valleys, we can assist you in a simple, cost-effective land maintenance plan that keeps your parcel’s value high, reduces complaints and reduces likelihood of squatters and dumping. Having well-maintained land is essential for future construction or sale.

Weed Control

Weeds become a major issue when holding onto land investments. And it is important to use a local landscaping service that understands native plants of our region, and which ones are niuscanse weeds that need to go.
For example, in the high desert throughout much of our valleys, sagebrush, lump grasses, desert peach and rabbit brush can benefit a parcel through their deep stem root holding in soil for natural erosion control. But typical weeds like russian thistle (tumble weeds), wild mustard, whitetop, and goathead plants and more, are not only annoying, but add unnecessary fire danger and are quite invasive. They make lots look unkept and deteriorated. Our trained team has the knowledge and skills to identify and remove these species. And when exotic weeds are all that are on a sloped property, we have found a technique to keep the root system of these weeds for their erosion control benefits, while reducing seeding and unsightly growth.

This technique also helps reduce dust in wind.

Dust Management

We refer and recommend our clients to contractors that are specialized in full environmental management of land slated for construction. Yet, we are a part of that puzzle. Proper understanding of local plants, and our use of unique landscaping methods and techniques, can lead to reduced soil disturbance and dust. For example, many commercial landscaping providers drove on site too much which leads to soil agitation. Our careful plan with a team of weed control specialists, can handle weeds and litter, with as little disturbance as possible. We can work around your survey lines, utility flags and corporate with your development planning.

Environmentally-Focussed Landscaping Services

Smartscapes is Northern Nevada’s first and #1 landscaping service that uses entirely all-electric professional-grade machinery, for maintenance, powered by renewable energy from the sun. We help our clients achieve lower environmental footprints, lower carbon emissions, all through quieter, clean service technology. And, our local operations, along with lower maintenance costs allow us to pass along savings to our clients like you.

Land Slated for Construction

If you own a large parcel and are working on zoning, permitting and architectural planning for a project, whether multifamily, retail, custom home or other, you need proper land maintenance. Weeds can overtaike the land, leading to fire hazards, squatters, litter and dumping. Proper, routine cleanups and weeding are essential for reducing and eliminating neighboring complaints and municipal citations. We have found, that in Northern Nevada’s high-desert climate, a bi-monthly (every 60-day visit) will go a long way towards keeping a parcel of land well-kept and mostly issue-free.
If you own a parcel of land near Lake Tahoe, waiting for your TRPA building permit, you know the challenges of waiting years for your lottery and approval to move-forward. Our specialized Tahoe-land maintenance plan is crafted for mountain land owners to properly maintain their land for possible future development. For example, we can work with the agency’s standards for reduced soil disturbance, pine needle management (there is a right balance of pine needle cleanup for fire reduction, while allowing enough mulching for dust and erosion control), along with weed and invasive species removal. Having properly maintained land will give you peace of mind knowing that your land will always be ready for when you are ready to start construction.

Urban Infill Lots

Reno and Sparks have many micro lots that need maintenance for future construction. Whether it is midtown, Victorian square area, central reno, or other areas within the McCarran ring road, keeping your lot in good condition can make it easier for surveying, grading and utilities, along with possible higher proceeds from sale. Smartscapes Landscaping knows the benefits of urban infill development to our community. Denser housing and commerce, leading to more walkable areas and lower long-term environmental costs from reduced personal vehicle trips. We want to be a part of this transformation and urban renewal of our city by making it easier for property owners to maintain, show and prepare their land for redevelopment or sale.