Leaf Blowing and Debris Cleaning

Cleanup of Leaves

The Reno area is famous for wind. Northern Nevada’s high desert environment is dusty, and breezy. And that can bring piles of leaves, debris and trash, especially into corners, fences and along rock ground coverings. Our leaf cleanup service can make your yard, commercial property and planters clean from these unsightly issues. Whether it is seeds in the spring, dead bush hedge droppings, fall leaves, and trash, our leaf cleanup services removes dust, and debris, and can include the haul away, instead of leaving you to deal with it.

Litter Cleanup

Rock Blowouts

Does your commercial property or home’s yard receive litter and trash from wind? How about areas that are frequented by pedestrians and employees. Or, how about piles of blown debris and trash in fencing corners? Whether it is cigarette butts, papers, plastic bags and other trash items, our litter cleanup service can remove distasteful items like soda cups, junk mail, torn plastic bags and more. It can be occasional upon request, or routinely, like once-a-month aligned with one of our services. Whether you are looking for commercial litter cleanup in your grounds, or beautification and trash receptacle cleanups, we can keep your grounds litter-free, clean, and professionally looking.

Using rocks as groundcover, whether river rock, gravel, pebble, and rip-rap, is a common landscaping design in the Reno-area. It allows for reduced water use, and a way to naturally cover the surface and protect against erosion. But it can also become unsightly if not maintained. Rock ground covers need routine spraying, weeding, and blowouts. We have specially-designed leaf-blowing tools specifically for removing dead leaves, trash and debris that gets stuck between rocks. Our rock and gravel blowout service can create a clean-looking space for your property, and eliminate unsightly, unkept messes.

Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Parking lots in the Reno Sparks area can get dusty, and sandy, from all of the DG, high deser sands, leaves and debris. Certain areas of your parking, especially along curbs, drains and corners, can catch piles of debris and dirt, that need focussed attention. After dust and leaf blowing, along with pickup and haul-away, your parking lot will look clean, attractive and mess-free.

Dust Blowing

From storms, high deser winds and our alternating heat and cold, dust becomes an expected part of living in the Reno Lake Tahoe region. Whether it is your outdoor furniture, hot tub cover, benches, tables and employee outdoor gathering areas, you need dust blowing to remove dust from your most used areas. This can keep your patio, porch, and outdoor living elements clean, less dusty, and free of cobwebs. Smartscapes dustblowing can remove, and clean up under eaves, patio covers, BBQs, seats and more.