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Gain peace of mind and assurance knowing that your commercial property is in good hands. Benefit from our environmentally friendly, low-cost, low-headache landscape maintenance solutions designed specifically for commercial clients. Whether you manage a portfolio of rental homes, a retail shopping center, or an industrial distribution center, our trained staff can keep your grounds well-kept, and clean for employees, vendors, and customers. We are Reno’s local choice for all-electric, renewable-powered commercial landscape services.

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Homeowners Associations abound all across Northern Nevada and the West. Smartscapes unique HOA landscaping service offers HOA boards and their managing companies to reduce stress, streamline all things outdoors, and deliver routine groundskeeping expected by their homeowner members. Our environmentally-focussed landscape maintenance solutions allow HOAs to serve their members well.

Real Estate Property Managers

If you are a property manager, you know the challenges with answering to both tenants and clients. Having a landscaping solution to keep your investment properties kept clean and maintained can remove stress and burden and allow you to focus on building your clientele portfolio. See how Smartscapes can enable property managers to do more with our smart, environmentally-focussed landscape solutions.

Industrial Properties

Whether you are a regional distribution center, factory, or logistics hub, maintaining an industrial facility requires many balls to juggle. Our founders have much landscaping maintenance experience within the Reno area among industrial properties. From tree trimming, to irrigation turn-ons, to leaf blowing, our landscape services for industrial properties are smart for the environment, and give you peace of mind.


From small 4-plexes, to sprawling garden apartment communities, multi-family owners and managers can enjoy smoother operations through consistent, professional and routine care of their grounds and landscaping. Increase tenant satisfaction, renewals and property values with professional landscaping services for apartments.

Vacation Homes

With the explosion of short-term vacation rentals through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, owners and managers need solutions that remove hassle and make their property shine. Our tailored vacation home landscaping service is designed especially for owners who need a cost-effective, yet semi-routine method for keeping their yards clean, professional-looking, all with enhanced outdoor living amenities. Check out Smartscapes vacation home landscape service.

Rental Homes

If you own a rental home in the Reno-area, you know how much of a challenge it is to find that rare tenant that actually will take care of the yard and property. Why not gain peace-of-mind by outsourcing routine yard care from the local-experts in rental home landscaping care. Our specialized rental home landscape solution is custom-tailored, low-cost and helps you focus on having happy tenants, and smooth operations.


Shopping centers and independent commercial establishments can benefit from higher patronage, impression and traffic through routine landscape care. Improve values, leasing and sense of space through our unique landscape service for retail centers. Everything from parking lot leaf cleanup, weeding, to beautification, we can help take your retail experience to the next level. And best of all, we are the region’s #1 profider for all-electric, powered from renewable solar power, environmentally focussed landscape provider.

Vacant Land Maintenance

Whether you are planning your custom home, or are listing your land for sale for figure project construction, our staff have experience in vacant land maintenance. Weeding, semi-routine cleanups, defensible space, utility protection and more. Contact us today to find out how our vacant land maintenance service can help your land move to the next stage in development.


From parks, open space, government facilities, to public buildings, our work with government properties throughout the region can make the experience for employees and the public better. Plants, horticulture, seasonal cleanups, litter removal, lawn mowing and turf care, all delivered through our environmentally-focussed, low-carbon footprint landscape services. GSA, as well as small-business and minority owned, we are staffed and ready to serve your landscaping needs. As you can see, Smartscapes is a specialist in serving commercial clients with their landscaping needs. Our local operation here in the Reno area, along with our low maintenance costs through our investments in professional all-electric machinery, along with environmentally-focussed methods, gives us a unique position to serve clients who are looking for cost-effective solutions for their landscaping maintenance. We help our clients move one step closer to carbon-neutral operations, along with other environmentally-minded options like mulching and repurposing. Get a Quote today to find out if our customized solution is right for your property’s landscaping needs.