Real Estate Property Managers

Smartscapes Landscaping was birthed out of a property management company.

Started by Property Managers

Smartscapes Landscaping was birthed out of a property management company. One of our lead founders, Yu Tzu (Angel) handled the bookkeeping and some accounting for a property management firm that managed over 100+ doors from 30+ owners and noticed one interesting aspect of the business. Property managers want to focus on building up their owner client portfolio, and less time on bookkeeping. Yet, as she began to dig into the numbers, for monthly reports for her clients, she found that landscaping was an often overlooked element withing the full management.
Many owners and their property managers struggle to find the right tenants that can care for a property, as an owner resident would. Over time, lawns begging to dry out, weeds take over, and the curb appeal of the property starts to deteriorate. When it comes time for releasing, all of this “deferred landscape maintenance” becomes costly to correct and cleanup. Not to mention, added headaches and hassles trickle in from unclear terms on who handles landscaping, along with neighbors who complain about the condition of the yard. In addition, small multi-family properties begin to become more difficult to attract high-quality tenants who actually take pride in living there.

Property Values & Long-term Cash Flow

If you look at the bookkeeping, neglected yarcare can result in rent concessions and lower rates of over 12%. How is that? The front yard especially, is the primary #1 driving factor in obtaining leasing prospects. The front door and all of the landscaping often becomes the primary photo on listing websites, along with telling prospective tenants if they want to live there or not. Properties with clean, professional and well-designed landscaping tend to receive a higher percentage of well-qualified, long-term tenants. And it makes sense. They can enjoy the yard, and the home gives a perception to others that it is their own home. When you factor in the difference in rents, it is well more than made up in the costs of routine landscape maintenance.

Landscaping Services For Property Managers

Whether you manage one house or 50 houses, you need a landscape partner that can keep the property running smoothly. Ideal landscaping services will provide property managers with:

Beyond these, having a partner like Smartscapes can give you peace of mind knowing that your client’s properties are keeping and growing their value and curb appeal, and providing satisfaction for tenants. Issues in the yard, whether erosion, lawn deadspots, invasive species, flooding, or future maintenance needs, are caught early and reported. Landscaping services for property managers can provide essential yardcare, along with working with your vendor management and payment requirements. We can even give you suggestions of how property mangers have gotten tenants to pay for the services.

Why Our Landscaping is Different for Property Managers

Best of all, Smartscapes is Northern Nevada’s #1 landscape service that is 100% all-electric machinery driven, powered by renewable solar energy. Property managers and their clients can benefit from offering our routine landscape service as a added amenity to tenants. Tenants will enjoy quieter, cleaner landscape service that is less disruptive and odorous, and more clean for the environment. Plus, with our little overhead, and based locally here in Reno, we can offer flexible service options that are competitively priced and help increase net earnings through lower prices.

Streamlined Property Landscaping Solutions

Managing property can be stressful. You have tenants to pelase, client owners to satisfy, and a business to run. Why not take off the burden of all of your outdoors, by having a professional, clean, landscaping service that can handle all of your properties. We can even work with your invoicing and billing needs by itemizing your invoice based on each property, so your accounting records are accurate. We know the need to streamline and scale your real estate property management business. Consider Smartscapes for full-service smart landscaping solutions.