Industrial Property
Growth in the Reno Area

The Reno area has become an industrial powerhouse throughout the West Coast. Whether it is the factories and centers along USA Parkway, industrial Sparks, North Valleys, or the South Meadows, industrial properties are a strong foundation for our economy within the Reno area. E-commerce, 3PL, shipping and distribution, along with the Tesla Giga factory and many other industrial sectors, all call this area home.

Sustainable Industrial Landscaping

Our team members at Smartscapes have years of experience maintaining grounds for industrial properties. But we do it differently. We are the first commercial landscaping service in the area to be founded on 100% all-electric machinery, and through the renewable power of the sun. Our entire machinery and equipment yard is powered by photovoltaic solar power technology.

We strive to help our commercial clients make their operation one step closer to reduced carbon emission, and environmentally focused goals. When making progress towards this, consider your vendors. What materials and power do they use?

Landscape Services Designed for Industrial Properties

Our unique all-electric professional-grade equipment can handle large tough jobs often found at a distribution center grounds. Whether it is weeding an entire parking lot blunter bed, turning on the irrigation, trimming all of the trees throughout, or creating defensible space, we can handle these issues.

Customized Industrial Landscape Maintenance?

We are the only commercial landscaping company that is built on entirely 100% all-electric machinery. UP to 60% quieter for your tenant residents. No exhaust or gas odors. No broken tool repairs in the parking lot. No fuel stains on the grass. Simply clean, quieter, in and out. Your tenants enjoy less disruptive grounds maintenance. Leaf blowing, cleanups, minor pruning, and more.

Industrial Property Landscape Services ?

Tailored Industrial Care

We are trained and fully insured and are flexible to work with your company’s payment terms. We have helped food factories, fuel distribution, and e-commerce centers.
If you are the facilities or maintenance supervisor for your plant, contact Smartscapes Landscaping today to find out how our landscaping maintenance solutions can give you peace of mind and headache-free management of your grounds.
And unlike other large national firms, we have little overhead and are local to Reno. This allows us to give you a competitively priced plan, that meets your budget. And best of all, we don’t require expensive, long-term contracts. We can perform any landscaping maintenance schedule that matches your needs.