We work with nearly all payment terms, and association property management providers, and are experienced with the needs and demands of both resident members and any boards.

Efficient HOA Landscaping

Managing a homeowner’s association can be a challenge. Residents, vendors, and regulations. If you use software like Yardi, Buildium, or a property management software program, you are well on your way to streamlining your HOA management. Yet, many small and even large HOAs in the Reno area are constantly struggling with re-evaluating service vendors throughout the year. Smartscapes Landscaping has staff that are well experienced with the demands of HOA groundkeeping. Right-of-way tree and bush trimming, weeding, holiday / Christmas lighting, irrigation turn-ons, winterization, flowers, and leaf blowing are just some of the duties needed for HOA landscaping.

All of these responsibilities can be overwhelming. Choose a landscaping for HOA service provider that can not only maintain your landscaping but also keep track of and notify you of upcoming service needs and repairs. We refer and work together with dedicated irrigation specialists, our friends at Naturally Green Irrigation, along with other landscape specialists, so that your grounds are kept clean and green. Take the worry and stress out of tracking, maintaining, and juggling multiple landscaping issues, and have a partner willing to co-labor with your management needs.

Making Landscaping for HOAs Easy

Landscaping for HOAs can be a pain, with so many elements to remember and track. Fertilization? Aerations? De-thatching? Plus annual tree-trimming, quarterly weeding, irrigation leak inspections, outdoor lighting bulb replacements, re-mulching, defensible space, and so much more. We take the hassle out of this, with our system that maintains and recommends service, based on your HOA’s unique needs. Not all HOAs are created the same. Some have no common lawns. Some have water features. Some provide lawn mowing for front yards. Others don’t.

Less Noise for HOA residents

One of the biggest complaints HOA homeowners make about landscaping services is the early-morning rush of vendors, with loud leaf blowers, mowers, and machines that take away the peace. We are the first and #1 all-electric machinery landscaping provider in Northern Nevada. Our tools reduce up to 60% of the noise of their gas-powered counterparts. This means that your members can enjoy their mornings with less noise and disturbance.

Pollution for HOA residents

In addition, our machines make zero exhaust and odors. No pollution. No gas smells. No fuel and oil stains from overpouring. We keep your households and common areas free of these annoyances. Now you can offer clean, renewable-powered, quieter landscaping services for your entire HOA.

Custom Tailored HOA Landscaping Solutions

Smartscapes can offer low-cost, effective landscape maintenance services because of our unique strengths not found in other national commercial landscaping firms. We are local and know the Reno area as locally established staff of Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. We have low overhead; no regional offices, national headquarters, or expensive sales staff to hire. We are focused: We primarily serve commercial clients, including HOAs. We are not spread thin from hundreds of other individual home accounts. We can focus on your HOA, make it clean, and kept, and make happy satisfied resident members. Finally, our all-electric machinery allows us to deliver landscaping services at a low cost. Less maintenance means savings for our clients.

Making HOA Members Happy

Our cleaner, quieter, green-minded methods and machinery, along with knowledge, expertise, and passion for our local area can make your members happy for years to come. And unlike large national firms, we know horticulture and plants that thrive best in our unique high-desert and mountain environments. With our proper trimming, timing, and anticipation, we can keep your grounds clean, green, and thriving for all members and your board.