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Our Team’s Story

There has got to be a better way to do landscaping.

 Smartscapes founders.

Anyone living here, especially landscapers, will notice many landscape trucks racing all around the Truckee Meadows trying to mow lawns and do work during our busy spring-summer-fall season. This is what our founders noticed. With years of experience in property management, maintenance, and landscaping, they sought out to start the foundations of an entirely new way to do landscaping. Environmentally-focussed. Learning to share clients with other services and companies, to keep our routes tight, costs low, and reduce our impact on the environment. Finally, becoming an advisor, and consultant for our clients, rather than selling, to help them lower maintenance costs, and achieve their environmental goals.

landscape team consulting

Teamwork makes the dream work.

 Finally, becoming an advisor, and consultant for our clients, rather than selling, to help them lower maintenance costs, and achieve their environmental goals.

Angel Yu Tzu Cutler

Angel Cutler

Angel, originally native of Taiwan, came to the University of Nevada, Reno. Later, after marrying and settling down in Reno, she became involved with property management dispatching and bookkeeping. Her primary work was with investment property owners, helping them to maintain their home’s value, keeping it attractive and affordable for improved tenant leases and renewals. Having a strong bookkeeping and accounting background, Angel was able to discover how much the true long-term cost of certain landscaping designs and methods were. She was able to find consistent patterns that brought down these costs, and improved a property’s look.

Angel, together with her husband Mike, enjoy outdoors, including trips to Lake Tahoe with their three kids. They also spend time welcoming international students from all around the world who come to the local area to study. They are happy to call Reno home, and enjoy making it a greener, more beautiful place to live.

Mike Cutler

Mike, born and raised here right in our area, went to school at the University of Nevada, Reno. Dabbliing in his hobby in the 1990s as a teenager in landscaping, along with newly emerging solar power, he wondered how he could combine his passions. Throughout his 20s, he started several businesses with his family, in e-commerce, import/export, landscaping, and real estate investment. But going back to his passion of turning yards into a work of art, was always a draw.

Later, Mike became a property maintenance supervisor, coordinating repairs, improvements, and most importantly landscaping for many clients, some of whom were commercial properties. This later spinned off into its own business, with consulting. After years of doing his own landscaping work on his personal properties, he later restarted a focussed landscape maintenance business, that helped to provide career trining and employment for recent immigrants and refugees. Later, a spinoff of that business became what is today,

Mike, together with his family, hosts international students in their home, along with welcoming and inviting new immigrant families and refugees to the region. He enjoys travel and outdoor adventure, like hiking. In his free time, he teaches business entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Mike Cutler

Mike Cutler


Smartscapes, a vision together with his wife, to have an environmentally-focussed landscaping service. Everything, from how the business is runned, to developing a solar-farm on-site, utilizing 100% all-electric, renewable-powered landscape machinery. This, along with their efficient route planning, focus, and simple low-overhead, could help clients have clean, attractive properties, with lower maintenance costs, while moving them closer to achieving goals of being less-polluting, quieter, and low-impact on the environment.

ario fahimi landscaping

Ario Fahimi

Ario, a native of Italy, came to the University of Nevada, Reno for research. Later, working for a battery recycling company in Houston Texas, Arios friendship and involvement with Smartscape founders helped the company become what it is, and environmentally-focussed landscape company.

Ario, originally met the Smartscapes team, through their work with internationals at UNR. Ario is a consultant, focussed on helping recycling of battery materials, renewable energy products and metallurgy. Also, as an environmental scientist, he performs energy assessment calculations for Smartscapes commercial clients who need before-and-after energy reduction certificates.

Smartscapes specialty, as an environmentally-focused landscaping company has utilized Ario for his trade skill, with all of the complicated research and calculations needed to help a client plan a landscaping design project with their partnering companies, or simply to see the impact made from an individual maintenance service like lawnmowing or spring cleaning.

Every step and process, that Smartscapes makes, is calculated to deliver saving, lower impact and better methods for both property owners, and the environment. Whether it is the type of energy used, replacement parts, distance between service jobs, or chemicals used. Ario is essential in these assessments and processes.

Ario enjoys good Italian food, meeting others, Reno’s outdoor-oriented culture and is quite outgoing when you meet him.


Our Maintenance Team

This is what makes us Smartscapes foundation. From our refugee and immigrant training program, to our skilled technician and horticulturist, Our teams of 2 and 3 are what get the job done for our clients. They themselves. Are being trained how to develop their own field service business, along with techniques in local plant botany, grass and turf revival, flower and plant species care, along with all of the machines, safety, tools and more. Our company is about empowering our service team to become leaders, and even entrepreneurs themselves. Clients who work with us, are making steps towards a better ecological environment, and more sustainable business practices, along with lifting up others to become successful families contributing to our regions economy. We encourage the same with any subcontractor or vendor we work with.