Smartscapes Landscaping offers landscaping services for governments overseeing

Serving Government Agencies

If you represent a government agency, you likely know the challenges with running, managing and reporting on any project or asset. One of the most difficult assets to oversee can be land, public outdoor spaces and landscaping of public buildings. Patrons, the general public and weather can all have an impact on your space. Litter, weed control, defensible space, irrigation, safety and the works. You know the needs, yet also have obligations and responsibilities for other duties, including reporting, facilities management, repairs and more.

Types of public facilities that need landscaping maintenance

Smartscapes Landscaping offers landscaping services for governments overseeing


Parks are an amazing asset for the public good. Sometimes, municipal agencies have exhausted their resources for park maintenance. We offer supplemental landscaping service that can work together with your existing in-house services. For example, many parks departments have their own in-house lawncare specialists, who do mowing. Yet, what about aeration, fertilization, and seasonal park cleanups? Or if your park or public space offers event rentals, but needs a solution for cleanup and prep to not overburden your existing staff, you may need supplemental, occasional park maintenance services. Smartscapes offers supplemental landscape service for commercial and government clients all throughout Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe areas.
We have been called upon for short-notice weed control, mowing, trimming, hardscapes powerwashing and more. Let us be a resource for your park service when you need it. A backup and enhancement to your current staffing and abilities. No long-term contracts. Every plan or service can be customized to your needs, when you need it.

Open Space

Open space has increasingly become one of the most popular assets for recreation and environmental resources for many public agencies. Essentially a park that is natural, protected, and serving the public good for wildlife, ecology and enjoyment. Sometimes, open space needs assistance. For example, Peavine Mountain area, Hungry Valley, some parts of the South Meadows and Washoe Valley all have public open space areas, designed to protect and enhance the local natural environment, along with public recreational benefits like hiking. Whether it is dead tree assessments, ditch and gulley cleanouts, trailhead parking lot cleaning, weed control, defensible space along utilities, and more, you may need a landscaping partner to help you handle these needs. Smartscapes Landscaping can work with you, your utility vendors, and any other contractors to ensure that open spaces are in-tact, clean, and left as natural and safe as possible.

Trail rehabilitation

Reno and the Lake Tahoe region is a hiking mecca. Snow hiking, foothill trails, the Tahoe Rim Trail, plus numerous Washoe County parks, municipal and BLM trails, all afford locals in our region to enjoy the outdoors. Trails often need weed cleanup, soil adjustment, tree and branch trimming and corrections to issues. While it is always best to leverage volunteers to handle many of these issues, sometimes there is a need to hire a specialized service with tools, staff and training to get to certain issues and handle them all together quickly. This allows your volunteers and other trail maintenance services to focus on general rehabilitation, expansions and development rather than always getting bogged down with branches, logs and broken trails. Our trail rehabilitation program can also utilize our mulching service, along with working cooperatively with your volunteers. Our Trail Rehabilitation service sometimes has a waiting list, and can be scheduled out. We give priority to existing agency clients. The best way to get it done is to compile a list of reported issues, and we will work with you to get it solved. Contact us soon to start the process in become one of our priority trail clients. Whether you are a municipal agency, federal division, or non-profit, we will be happy to learn about your trail and have you in our schedule.

Government facilities and landscaping

Government building landscaping often has unique needs. There is pressure to maintain safety through risk management pressures. Along with that, a move towards environmental collaboration, through tree initiatives, can all be burdents, albeit good burden to running your facility. We offer landscaping services for government facilities managers and property managers to keep clean parking lots, planter beds, trees bushes and seasonal flowers. Landscaping can be performed for municipal, City of Reno, City of Sparks, State of Nevada, Washoe and other counties, and chartered companies like Union Pacific.

Keeping Government Properties Clean and Well-Kept

We strive to keep government and public facilities clean, professionally maintained and kept up. Through occasional and routine service, Smartscapes can handle mowing, trimming, litter cleanup, irrigation turn on and winterization.

Environmentally-Focussed Landscape Services for Governments

Smartscapes is the leader in all-electric landscaping machinery solutions that are powered by renewable solar power. Our environmental focus, with professional grade equipment, combined with our local knowledge give local and national government agencies in our region a way to move towards reduced carbon, low environmental footprint services.

Minority -Owned Business

Our founder, Angel Yu Tzu, has the knowledge, background and understanding in property maintenance. Ethnically diverse, woman-owned and serving as a model for other businesses that empower and lift up. We are part of the international Reno initiative as well.

GSA Small Business

We are registered, setup and can handle federal government contracting of many types within landscaping maintenance need. Contact us today.