Deck and Patio Cleaning

Clean Outdoor Living Spaces

Decks and Patios have the power to draw us outside and enjoy everything that outdoor living has to offer. Whether you have outdoor rooms in your landscaping, sitting areas, a deck off of the back of your home, or even a commercial space public patio, you know the work involved with keeping those spaces clean. Here in Northern Nevada, our frequent cold-heat cycles, along with winds and dust from the high desert can creep in and mess up your creation. Having clean outdoor living spaces is an important part of landscaping, and life enjoyment in our beautiful, unique area.

Deck Powerwashing

Patio Cleaning

Decks, especially decks made with organic wood products, can harbor layers of dust, pollen and cracked minerals, making it feel dirty and unusable. Deck Powerwashing is a method of deck cleaning that uses high-force water streams to cleanse out caked on material and dirt that embeds itself, especially on wooden decks. And, synthetic decks, like Trex brand decks, can also experience layers of dirtiness. The key to proper deck cleaning is to use enough force to remove these dirt layers, but not so much that it scars the natural material. Having a properly trained power washer can help in making a clean deck.
Smartscapes uses an eco-friendly method, that is gentle on your deck, involving light power washing, followed by a moderate bristle scrub, followed by a rinse. This method reduces the likelihood of wood scarring and paint peel, and uses less water.

Just like decks, patios can collect stains, grime, dirt, food spills and more. The important thing to remember for patios is to remember not to scour out the cement sand. This requires a knowledge of balance, and is best achieved with a similar method described above, using a gentle circular scrub technique. Having a patio and hardscape landscaping at your home or business can be a wonderful amenity here in Nevada. It reduces weeds, holds down dust, and makes your landscaping look permanent. Yet, keeping those patios clean requires some creative methods. Smartscapes not only can help you have a clean sharp-looking patio, but can also connect you with our partner vendor if you ever want to seal your patio, to add a waterproofing protective layer.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Spaces

Get out and enjoy your backyard, office patio, and outdoor living spaces. Having a clean deck and patio will not only extend their life, but can also lead to greater use and enjoyment. Whether you rent out a short-term vacation home, and need to keep your outdoor living environment in top shape for guests, or you have a large commercial patio that needs regular cleaning, consider Smartscapes for your cleaning needs.