Special Needs of
Landscaping for Multifamily Properties

Special Needs of
Landscaping for  Multifamily Properties

Multi-family properties have unique needs for their landscaping. Whether you manage a large garden apartment community, a portfolio of apartment complexes, a condo building, or a small 4-plex, we make owners and managers relieved, and happy and eliminate headaches.

Optimize Multi-Family Landscaping

Some of our founders have owned and managed apartments of their own. We know you have many challenges. Whether it is sourcing the right maintenance vendors, handling tenant complaints, or filling vacant units, multi-family managers have a lot on their plate. And if you are an owner, you are always looking for ways to increase your return on investment without sacrificing your property’s value and tenant satisfaction. One way to increase your NOI is to have well-kept landscaping at a value. In our years of servicing multi-family apartment communities, we have found ways to reduce landscaping costs and deliver a better grounds experience for all tenants. For example, did you know that there is an optimal, narrow window of 2 weeks to turn on irrigation in the Northern Nevada region? Turning on irrigation during this unique time reduces the likelihood of costly repairs from pipe freezes while getting grass and trees to start greening up. In addition, we look for low-cost and even free ways to reduce lawn destruction, tree damage, and liabilities. These little differences are often ignored by large national companies and are not known about by small landscapers.

What sets Smart Scapes Apart?

We are the only commercial landscaping company that is built on entirely 100% all-electric machinery. UP to 60% quieter for your tenant residents. No exhaust or gas odors. No broken tool repairs in the parking lot. No fuel stains on the grass. Simply clean, quieter, in and out. Your tenants enjoy less disruptive grounds maintenance. Leaf blowing, cleanups, minor pruning, and more.

Upgrade Your Property's Landscaping

We can keep track of upcoming issues or needs that will improve your grounds, without you having to worry about all of it. Better landscapes. Cleaner grounds. Quieter and eco-friendly. Offer this as an added benefit for your tenants, and enjoy higher renewals, rental rates, and fewer complaints. This is the SmartScapes differents—smart landscape maintenance solutions for multi-family properties

Local Multifamily Landscape Services for Multifamily

When deciding on a landscape service for an apartment provider, find out if they know the local area well. Do they know some of the challenges of managing multi-family? Do they smile at tenants? Can they work with property management software and accommodate their unique invoicing? Smart Scaps has a wide experience in both small and large multi-family landscaping. We offer lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, de-thatching, optimizing sprinklers, and more. In addition, we have co-vendors who can offer fully licensed tree services, major irrigation repairs, and improvements. Our network also has construction contractors to get your desired landscaping projects done right.