Tree Care 

Tree Care for Your Property

Trees and bushes in Northern Nevada are valuable. They add shade in our strong sun, block wind, and add greenery to an otherwise dry environment. Having the right kind of trees, along with well-maintained trees is another level of care. Having access to full-service tree care is important. Does your landscaping partner make advice and consulting on your trees? Do they have resources to remove, add, and improve your existing trees? How about bushes and small trees? Some become overgrown and unsightly. Using a landscaping service that can cost-effictively, and in an environmentally-focussed way trim, shape and maintain your bushes and hedges, is our joy. Beautiful Cared-For Trees Means Happy Tenants, as well as a happy life here in Reno. You can enjoy protection from the elements, along with the beauty of flourishing large plants all across your property.

Pruning Services

Tree Assessment

Proper pruning in our area starts with understanding our environment and climate. Pruning in Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area takes extra care to be done right. For example, there is a right season and a wrong season to do major pruning. Then there are minor purining services that can be done with routine landscape maintenance service. In addition, using materials, plant food and tools that reduce shock, suckers, and the wong kind of regrowth is essential for proper pruning. One poor example of pruning in our region is when trees are “topped off”. Not only is it unsightly, but it often leeds to tree damage and unnecessary waste. Smartscapes works with our own staff, along with partner services, such as Expert Tree Service, to assess, properly prune and manage tree and large bush growth. If you want to full cut down a large tree, our friends at the company above work with us to help you achieve that.

Understanding tree species type, along with their annual water needs, maintenance needs, fertilizer and susceptibility to disease and pests can help our both homeowners and commercial properties to evaluate planning for new trees and plantings. Are your trees stressed? Are they damaged or diseased? Having a helpful arborist who knows trees in our region can help you make the best choices. Our connections and network can give you full tree service, along with advice for improvement. In addition, we offer a unique service for our commercial and select residential clients to calculate and assess environmental impact of certain tree species on your property over the long term. Water use. Carbon conversion. Maintenance costs and total overall environmental footprint.

Bush Hedging

Hedges of bushes function well to block pedestrian traffic, add privacy, muffle sound and wind and more. Growing hedges in Nevada can be a long process. Our hedging service can add shape, uniformity, and style to your bushes and hedges. This will make your property looking professional, clean, organized and planned. Contact us about hedging service, powered by 100% renewable solar power. Smart, cost-effictive, and low-impact, all while having clean, sharp and orgainzied bush hedges.

Other Trimming and Pruning services

Plant Trimming

Many plants need seasonal trimming in our region. This helps give your property and facility a well-maintained look. Whether it is roses, Juniper tams, stunted pines, Aspens, native species like Mountain Mohagany, and others, we can help make your plants trimmed, clean and kept well.


Whether you have leaning trees, trees and bushes effected by wind and erosion, or other root structural problems, together with our friends at Expert Tree and Yard Service, can properly stake, support and strengthen your properties trees.

Tree Rehabilitation

Some plants and trees become diseased but can have new life. For example, Giant Sequioa, Austrian Pines and Ponderosa Pines are common landscaping species in both residential and commercial properties in the Truckee Meadows. A typical issue happens there these trees can become stressed, especially during drought periods. Understanding the root systems of these trees, along with the common pests and diseases that attack them, can help to improve and rehabilitate them. We have connections with trained arborists whoc an help you assess rehabilitation that may be needed to revive growth and flourishing of your plants.