Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning & Setup

Transforming your yard into a space that can be enjoyed, starts with outdoor living furniture. Outdoor furniture creates a welcoming and inviting environment for use and pleasure. Outdoor furniture, whether it is for your home, commercial property, vacation rental home, or other space, needs occasional cleaning, sanitizing, and care. Our outdoor furniture care extends the life of your outdoor items, while helping you maximize the use of it.

Outdoor Living with Clean Furniture

Outdoor furniture has the power to turn a house into a home. A resort. Yet, if this furniture is not cared for, it loses all its benefits. Whether it is winterization, seasonal setups, adjustments, cleaning, dusting, cobweb and debris removal, having your outdoor furniture clean and presentable is essential for full enjoyment.

Outdoor Furniture Care for Vacation Homes

One of Smartscapes largest client bases is short-term vacation rental homes. Often, these homes throughout the Reno area and Lake Tahoe feature BBQs, tables, seating, and accessories, as amenities. While offering patio and porch furniture can allow owners of these properties to charge higher rates, often, the furniture gets neglected, and reported in reviews. If you are having routine yard cleaning, why not also have care for your outdoor living furniture?

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Outdoor Furniture Setup

If you own or manage a commercial space, whether it is a restaurant, shopping center, industrial property, rental property, apartment complex, or small retail, offering outdoor amenities is important for making your space a place that patrons and employees enjoy. We can help you with sanitization, power washing, patio stain removal, and BBQ cleaning. Smartscapes offers commercial outdoor furniture and features cleaning, including:

Keep your outdoor living items for your commercial space routinely clean, professional-looking and enjoyable for all.

Purchasing outdoor furniture can be exciting, as you dream of how you would use it. Whether you are setting up a patio table set at your home in Lake Tahoe, or are imagining how your porch would look with the latest furniture designs, it is fun to plan and imagine. But what happens when you actually purchase the set? You can get bogged down in complicated assembly and setup. Smartscapes offers custom services for outdoor living setup, including:

Our team has worked with local retailers, custom homes, and homeowners, along with commercial facility providers like portfolios of high-end vacation homes, to help pickup, deliver, and assemble outdoor living furniture. Better yet, you can have the furniture ordered and delivered, and have us set it up just in time for your arrival! Ask us today how we can turn your outdoor living dreams into reality with our outdoor furniture assembly and setup.

Creating a Clean Space with Your Outdoor Furniture

By having your outdoor furniture routinely cleaned, you can enjoy dust-free, pest-free, odor-free outdoor enjoyment for your guests, employees, family and entertaining. We have been making outdoor living dreams a reality in our combined 30 years of experience. The Smartscapes smart outdoor living system involves an over 20 point checklist to ensure that your backyard or outdoor space is enjoyable and impressive. And we can give you peace-of-mind by keeping track of any future issues, like broken items, areas of concern, or future improvement ideas.